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It is our passion and purpose to help you connect to the infinite energy and wisdom ever present within you so that you may have a deeper understanding of yourself and this world around you.  This blog along with our other social sites uphold the highest vibrations of peace, love, joy, expansion and enlightenment.  So feel free to relax, unwind and stay and explore.  This is a safe to come and be as you are for that is your greatest gift to share.  We will include all areas of the Mind – Body – Spirit  personal trinity in our exploration.

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I am now working as a professional psychic thanks, in large part, to the encouragement she gave me to pursue my dream. Denise not only shares her divine insights and connection with the universe with clients and students, she teaches them how to achieve that level of awareness and connectedness for themselves. I continue to learn from Denise and refer my clients to her for life coaching and workshops, as well. Many, many thanks, and much love to you, Denise! ” – Laurie Blomer

I started doing Empowerment Sessions with Denise about a year after my husband passed away, for about 9 months now.  My life has completely changed in that time.  I went from being a person whose life was routine – working, working out – go home – repeat.  I kept mostly to myself.  I did not realize how much I had to give.  Denise has brought me to a place where I am sharing myself with people – whether I know them or they are people I just meet.  I am empowered by the positive outlook that I have on life now.  I have established my life purpose and allowing the flow.

My life has become so exciting and amazing.  It is mind blowing the way my life unfolds on a daily basis.  It has become a life of unconditional love, flowing to me and through me.  I am enjoying life versus allowing life to happen to me.

Most of all, Denise has empowered me to live a life that I always wanted to live, which is flowing unconditional love to people through helping them and creating a positive movement and community ~ CM

Denise and Curvin are two of the most motivating people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have benefited from the Inner Strength Empowerment classes and also the nutrition counseling and personal training. I am stronger spiritually and physically thanks to InnerStrength University.  ~N. Pine

I have come such a long way and my life is so different in many aspects look back at 9 months ago.  I knew I need help and couldn’t see past what and where my life was at the time and I had no idea where to start.  Denise says, “You don’t have to have it all figured out – just take one step – do one thing and keep going – build on it – take the leap.”  I’ve heard it so many times that I hear Denise in my head several times throughout my day.  When I started, it was a difficult road but it has gotten easier.   My life keeps getting better!  I keep getting better.  The positive changes and my increased self-worth are priceless to me.  I don’t even know how to begin to express the gratitude in my heart for being so blessed to have Denise placed in my path.  Thank you Denise! You’re my best confidant, mentor, friend… SIMPLY THE BEST!   ~ Gratefully yours, Renée

I have taken 2 of Denise’s Empowerment classes and I enjoy them beyond measure.  At the conclusion of each class, I feel uplifted, hopeful and inspired.  Denise creates a beautiful and positive learning environment that attracts an amazing group of students.  Denise’s scope of knowledge, experience & understanding of universal laws is enviable.  I feel so blessed to have found Denise and her classes.  I’ve recommended the classes to several of my friends.  Enjoy and feel grateful to stumble upon her teachings. ~Elise I.

I have taken a several of Denise’s Empowerment Classes and have received her Daily Inner Guidance Emails for years.  Denise is such a positive person and influence in my life and other’s lives.  I have forward many of her Inner Guidance emails to family & friends who also have said how much it helped them and was always exactly what they need to read at that particular time.  Denise always says, “Life is amazing” and she helps me see that in myself and in my life.

I took my first class with Denise in 2012, through Chester County Night School.  Since then I barely miss a class, a new class starts every 6 weeks.  Certain classes like Dream Interpretation, I’ve taken 3x because it is never the same.  I have had Empowerment Sessions, Reiki Sessions, Soul Retrieval and a did the Mind Merge.

I can admit now that before the Soul Retrieval, I had some intense anger buried deep down inside of me.  Denise was able to guide me to finally rid myself of this anger and resentment from my past.  I connected to the peace within me instead.

For those reading this, know that when you ask Denise for help, you will get way more out of it then you could ever imagine. — Dorinda


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