Creating Space Class: Manifesting from the Heart


  • Do you know how to deliberately create space?
  • Do you know the difference between your Heart vs Mind Manifestations?
  • Do you know your personal heart song?
  • Are you ready to manifest your heart’s desires?
  • Do you know what they are?

You were born a feeler and have been conditioned to be a thinker.  This switch deliberately lowered your vibration to lower levels of conscious awareness.

Did you know the energy of the heart has been measured to be 60 times stronger than that of the mind (brain).  Yes 60 times stronger.  Yet most people let the mind (Ego) dictate their lives creating unnecessary loops of high action with minimal result.

Just imagine what you life will be like when you learn to manifest from your heart.  You guessed it, less actions with high results.

But wait a minute… your Ego mind cannot imagine that because we are asking the mind to explain something it can never understand or comprehend.

Your mind cannot conceive the power or magnetism of the heart, it could guess or speculate, but this is your life we are talking about. Every decision of the Ego mind is its best guess.  How’s that been working for you?

Have you ever heard of a LOGICAL MIRACLE?  No!  Logical miracles do not exist. Miracles defy logic.  To defy logic, you have to literally get out of your mind.

You cannot logic your way into the higher manifestations Law of Attraction.  You can have a Phd in Law of Attraction and have terrible experiential results.  Logic can only manifest what’s possible or probable.   Your heart takes over where logic ends and this is the place where miracles happened.

When you join this class, you will learn how to reset your personal manifestation language back to your original factory settings you were born with before you were taught how to think.  You will then learn the song in your heart and the amazing language that your heart speaks which only you can understand.

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