Letters From the Heart Class

Letters Heart
This is going to an amazing class that not only will reconnect you to what’s in your heart but in this expression how to connect to others.  In our world of 15 seconds of fame and what’s news-feed relevant, many have lost their connection to their own heart and those of the people they love.
The best gift you can ever give anyone isn’t bought in a store.  It comes from deep within your heart.  Learn how to express yourself through the lost art of letter writing.
You will discover your own Heart Song by connect to your truth through trusting how you feel.  We will create Sacred Heart Space, so the love within will pour out as you forst write a Love Letter to your self,  Individuals chosen by you and to the Universe.
This class will help you connect to the beautiful art of letter writing.  We will access the inner creativity heart connection brings.  In doing so, we can help heal past hurts, vulnerability, feelings of insecurity & unworthiness while strengthening  the love, peace & joy within you.
Who should participate in this class?
  • Those on a journey to know & redefine yourself
  • Those needing help moving past a loss
  • Those with immeasurable love in their hearts without an outlet to express it
  • Those with an important message to share
  • Or better said –>  YOU!

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