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Magic Book


So here you are searching for answers to find a way to make your life better. You found this book or maybe this book found you.  You feel confused.  You are a good person.  You follow the rules.  Yet life has not turned out the way your family, teachers and leaders promised. You wonder why there is so much negativity and hurt in this world.  On occasion you simply feel like giving up. You have been look for answers in all the wrong places from all the wrong authorities.

The search for your personal truth begins when you are exhausted from creating and maintaining the illusion of your own personal bullshit.  Your Ego is the author, producer, director, actor and victim of some of the best top rated bullshit you will ever experience.  All hidden in plain sight taunting you to find your personal power to connect and embrace the magnificence of your personal truth.  Look no further. This is your life purpose!  All thoughts, actions and life experiences that flow, and they will flow amazingly, from cutting through the your own Egoic bullshit and embracing and experiencing your Personal Truth, will blow your mind.  That is the intention of this book, to blow up your Ego’s chaotic mind.  Life is meant to be a joyous journey of amazing adventure of self-discovery in which you get to express your Divine Spirit.

So here you are, this book in your hand.  All the previous moments of your life brought you here.  You have a big life changing choice to make, right here, right now, in this amazing moment.   Which choice will you make?  There is no such thing as small choice or small change.  Every choice is an expression of your personal truth connection and discovery.  You may not have known that before but you know it now and that is all that matters.  So here are your 2 choices:

Choice 1:  The Bullshit Choice (Realm of Egoic Mind)

A quick introduction is needed before I reveal the first choice.   I’m guessing I have activated your Ego by now, even if it left you a few moments of clarity to yourself when you discovered this book.  Your Ego is that nonstop voice in your head that is always criticizing, judging, commanding, punishing, abusing, mocking, and confining you.  You just can seem to get your life or your shit right!  Your Ego is the judge, jury and executioner sentencing you to a life of pure torture and hell in your own mind.

Your Ego is the ultimate narcissist living in your head that never stops talking.  It can be charming and romance you into thinking it has your best interest in mind, then quickly pulls the rug out from under your feet in an act of self-sabotage.  Your Ego is the master of “constantly trying” but quick to give up out of your best interest because you are not good enough as it has told you any times before.  In this book, will be given this manipulator a name.  Formal introductions will come later in the book but the above awareness was needed.

So now onto Choice #1:  Stay in your bullshit.  It is messy but at least it is your bullshit and predictable even though you are extremely unhappy.  You are not ready because your Ego says so.  Put down this book and walk away.  Continue the relationship dance with your Ego as it leads.  Your Ego has told you before that change can be scary and hard.  How it would know since it never brings the change that it starts to fruition?

By now your Ego will begin the stream of negative thoughts of why you should choose this choice.  How’s that #1 Ego hit song go?  You know the one it made your learn the words to through a lifetime of repetition titled “You’re not Enough – Never Have Been – Never will Be.”  You are not smart enough, strong enough, rich enough, old/young enough, pretty/handsome enough, daring enough, committed enough and so on.  Did you ever notice that the “enough” is never truly defined to you, yet you are always being held to and measured your self-worth against it? You accept this Ego bullshit by default as your truth when your Ego never provides any hard evidence to support its findings.  As a result, the life you create will reflect your Ego’s beliefs.

Choosing Choice # 1 will result in more of the same old bullshit and drama starring you.  You will continue to feel you do not have many choices in your life and remain frightened and stuck not knowing how to move forward.  You are the essential victim going in circles and find a small respite in your sheer exhaustion.  Many people make this choice unaware by default never realizing other possibilities exist. Will this be you?



Choice 2:  The Personal Truth Choice (Realm of Your Heart)

Read & embrace the ideas in this book. Explore, discover, live and experience your personal truth.  Transcend your personal bullshit.  Discover the hidden gems covered up and hidden beneath the bullshit by your Ego.  You are infinite and powerful.  You brought with you at birth everything you ever needed for an amazing life.  You were born more than enough, have always been more than enough and will continue to be more than enough.  This book will not help you dig or sift through your bullshit.  That approach is too messy and time consuming.  It’s time to move forward fearlessly.

This book will help you walk away, go no contact with your Ego bullshit, never looking back knowing that the gems within you are exactly that, within you.  Discovering your gems of personal truth will be an incredible adventure to uncover the real true you.  There are no words to described your infinity and your eternal spirit, both will be felt through experience.

Here is a small sampling of the gem discoveries you will begin to uncover within you as you read this and work through this book: peace, unconditional love, joy, happiness, abundance, truth, trust and freedom. You will understand what Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz[i] meant when she said, “There is no place like home.”  Your personal truth is your home and you will discover through this book home truly exists where your heart resides.

Choosing Choice #2 will result in a new you experiencing a new life your Ego cannot imagine or comprehend.  Your personal truth will set you free.  You will create a new life story through awareness of incredible infinite possibilities always available to you through connection to your personal truth.  You begin to receive and connect to people, places, events and things once held captive by the Ego.  Every moment will be an expression of the Divine Spirit within you that has been patiently waiting for you to discover that you are Spirit having a human experience.

What will it be? The moment of decision has arrived.  Which choice will you make?  Are your ready to discover and be introduce to the real you?  Know that you are not alone.  I will be with you every step of the way.  I am, through this book, a representation of the voice of the Inner Guidance already present within you.  This book was written just for you.  The proof that you are reading these words is your sign to yourself that you are ready to make this journey of much needed change.  In addition to this book, my Youtube Channel – InnerStrength University, will contain a supplemental video section, only accessible to those who purchased this book, also helping you in your discovery.

It is a great honor and pleasure to help introduce you to yourself in a way that you never realized existed until now.  My passion and purpose, to help and guide others who are ready discover their personal truth, was ignited through discovering my own personal truth.  Buckle up!  You got this and I got you!  Together we are launching on an amazing adventure.  It is time to experience your infinity and move forward fearlessly.

Denise Povernick

[i] The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum 1900

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