New Moment = New You


Every moment is new.  Each moment has never existed before. You are new in each moment.  You have never existed in this moment like you existed before.  Now in this moment and again in this moment, the newness continues.  It never ends.  There are infinite numbers of new moments and infinite numbers of new versions of you.

No two moments ever repeat since the beginning of time. There have never been the same two moments of you since the beginning of your existence.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Every second is a new start.  No need to compare yourself to an older outdated model of you.  You have never repeated anything the same way twice.  Your Ego will point out repetitive behaviors and say this email is not true.  But, you’ve never brushed your teeth the same way or cooked breakfast the same way or even read this email the same way you have in the past.

Even though the differences are small and sometimes even minute, the differences are still there.  So you cannot get it wrong this is the first time this version of you is doing that thing you do.  You are enough because each new you in each new second is the new improved version.  You do not depreciate.  Each new you increases your value.

So with this new way of experiencing, stay present in the NOW!  See each new moment as an opportunity to express you in a way you have never done before.  You are limitless. Give yourself a break and start experiencing yourself this way and watch your life become magical.

Here’s Denise’s video with further explantation:

Feel free to share below how you recreate yourself in every new moment.

~ Denise Povernick

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