If You Have to Ask…

If You Have to Ask…

Should I start a business?  Is he/she the one?  Am I living my life purpose?   You will only question people, place and things when you do not know yourself.  The outside world is mirroring the inside world.  The topic you are questioning is just you questioning that aspect of yourself.

If you have to ask, the answer is no. When you question, there is doubt in that moment.  Only doubt, creates questions.  Know yourself and you will know your world.  You and your world are not separate.  When you see separation, you will have questions.  When you see connection you have peace.

Doubt is neither good nor bad.  It just is.  So if it is present, it simply means you are not a match to that which you are asking about or to yourself.  No need to beat yourself up.   This represents that in this moment you have dropped your vibration lower than where your inner being is vibrating on the topic.

Questions are like rabbits.  They multiple quickly and can literally send you down the rabbit hole of more disconnection.  The moment you ask the first question, simply know you are not a match to this topic and step back from it.  Think about something else or go to “no thought.”   Take time to get yourself to a better feeling place.  All your answers are at that higher vibration.  Connect to the higher vibration and the question will disappear and you will simply know either what to do or how to act.

This is also called going with the flow, alignment or connection.  This is different from what you have been taught. In time, it will become your new model and life will get easier.  You know you are at a higher vibration when you no longer question your world but simple flow in alignment with your deep inner knowing of the Now Moment.

Check out my video with a deeper explanation:

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~ Denise

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