Do you Time Travel?

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Thoughts are very powerful things. Thoughts can take you time traveling into an alternate reality. How can this be? Isn’t this the foundation of a sci-fi thriller, movies and books? No, let’s take a closer look.

When you are focused and present in the now moment, you in your current reality when your thoughts are focused on the past or future, you are not present in the now moment. Where are you? Even though your physical body has not moved, your conscious awareness has time traveled into an alternate reality. This newreality can only be experience only by the the thinker, it exists only in thoughtVibration. You have traveled back into the past or projected out to the potential future.

The reality your are thinking of does not exist in your present moment. You are powerless in the past and the future is not yet here. When the future arrives it will be in the present moment. Since your personal power is only in the present moment, take the time to stay present. Focus here and now on creating the space that will attract to you exactly what you want.

The moment you think of the past you bring that vibration into the present creating more of the past memory here and now. The moment you think of the future you are denying yourself the opportunity to use your creative power in the present. Bring all thoughts from your imaginative travels into your present moment and create inspired action to bring them to life!

Time travel is simply your imagination unleashed for an exciting adventure. Just remember, here and now is where you are the most powerful. Stay present and unleash the creative power within You!



Here is my video with more on the topic:


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~ Denise

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