About Us

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Distinguished for its no-nonsense, get-to-the-point approach, clients consider InnerStrength University to be in a league of its own through the integration of Higher Consciousness Awareness into ordinary aspects of everyday life. Our mission is to make the ordinary extraordinary through Personal Awareness. Your life is meant to be amazing. Awareness is the key to new understanding by tapping in the true power of your being.

Denise and Curvin chose the name InnerStrength University for their business because all strength and awareness emanate from within. Incorporating Higher Awareness helps balance an individual’s personal power trinity of Mind-Body-Spirit which helps build the indestructible foundation of change & happiness in their life.

At InnerStrength University, we believe personal experience holds more wisdom then a lifetime of book knowledge. Nothing can be your truth until you experience it in the present moment through awareness. It is our greatest honor and joy to partner with you on your personal empowerment journey to shed your lifetime of conditioning to believe and know yourself to be enough. Your truth is infinite and always expanding and constantly changing and evolving. We are excited to make you aware of your innate inner wisdom, truth and higher consciousness connection through classes, seminars, empowerment sessions etc., but we are excited to create a community of amazing teachers, members and staff to support your journey every step of the way.

Denise and Curvin have a gift of translating complex knowledge into simple, easy to understand ideas & relatable stories. Incorporating easy-to-apply techniques and exercises will begin to uncover an understanding from within a spark of who you really are and the infinity it encapsulates.

As you begin to discover your personal truth and true potential by shedding your old outdates story, a more expansive consciousness comes into your awareness & a feeling of being whole ensues.

The Mind-Body-Spirit training and material we provide, bring greater understanding and harmony into your life. By discovering your own awareness, you will transform into a more confident, stronger person and becoming empowered you will be able to empower others.