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Problems are a construct of the mind and the mind is Ego.  The problem is you THINK you have a PROBLEM. The mere sentence alone reveals the obvious.  You THOUGHT your PROBLEM into existence.  If you did not THINK it, it would not exist therefore not be your problem or a problem at all.  My definition of the word PROBLEM:   is a misguided thought attempted by you to use your amazing imagination to self sabotage.  Do you get it?

Here’s a perfect example:

My client said she was out doing some community service and met a street sweeper.  He stop to talk with her.  As they were talking, he told her his problem: no one listens to him because he is a street sweeper.  She then described his amazing wisdom to me.  She asked me if I could believe that no one would listen to him and she wanted to help him with his problem.  She wanted his wisdom heard.  But she didn’t know how.   When you approach a problem as a problem you get more problems.  That is problem consciousness.  Problem consciousness does not bear solutions nor can you recognize them right at the moment you acknowledge the problem.

I told her she already helped him and there really was no problem.  There never was a problem but neither of them could see it.  She was puzzled.  Are you? Let’s look at the story.  The man said no one listens to him but yet that is what my client did.  She listen intently to him because she could repeat his story to me.  She didn’t listen to listen.  She listened to respond which is listening through future projection.  She missed the opportunity to  end his problem in that very moment by simply stating, “I’m someone, and I’m listening to you now.”

Being aware and present in the now moment is always the solution to every perceived problem you have thought of in your mind.  The Mind is Your Ego.  Ego cannot nor does not exist in the present moment of NOW.  Ego only exists in the past and projected future.  It creates problems that do not exist to prevent you from seeing the truth in the now moment.  The man’s Ego told the story of not being heard while at that very moment he was being heard!   He still thought he had that problem.  Imagine what he could be sharing if time was not wasting explaining a problem he did not have.

Your solution is always in the NOW.  At the very least, in the NOW, you can stop thinking.  Go to the realm of NO THOUGHT.  Just BE!  Just feel!  Thought is an illusion.  Whatever you THINK your problem is the opposite is your real truth and your Ego is creating the problem so you never realize that truth underneath the problem.

You can spend your life explaining, clarifying, quantifying, and justifying your problems (or excuses, or past stories, or personal history or limitations etc) or you can begin to realize right here right NOW:  NONE OF IT IS TRUE!  Never has been true. But it will be if you keep the illusion up and keep thinking those thoughts!   This is the definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy.   Problems do not exist, there is nothing to heal.  if there is no thought, there is np story, only right here right now.

Just imagine us you stopped telling your old story.

Just imagine if you gave up needing reasons to tell why you are broken, damaged, not enough or need fixing…

Just imagine what’s hidden all that Illusion…

You will never THINK your way to the Higher Realms of Consciousness.  They are the levels where words and thoughts do not exist.  Your entry ticket is FEELING!

The Angels taught me this mantra when I was little:  “Every moment is perfect.  I AM every moment! I have everything I need right here right now and if I need more in this moment it would be here or arrive in and on time.  If it is not here, it is not needed.”

It’s time! Give up your old story!  Come join me in learning how to eliminate thought to CREATE SPACE!  Learn how to enter Higher Dimensions of Consciousness through Creating Feeling Space.

One Love,


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You are the Miracle You Seek

Whatis a Miracle?  According to

  • a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be the work of a divine agency.
  • a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.
  • an amazing product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something.

Let me invoke here what I call the my Law of Opposites.    My Law of Opposites states, whatever you have been taught by something or someone outside of yourself through words  or actions not your own personal experience -> the opposite is true until you filter the belief through your own personal knowing and experience. That’s a BOLD statement.   You will only experience in this reality what you believe .  Most of your beliefs are based on  someone else’s teaching not your own personal experience.   In essence, you are taking their word for it.  Therefore, most people do not think for themselves (even though you think you do).

The above definition could not be the further from the truth.  In believing this definition, you are denying yourself the ability to experience the infinite number of Miracles that happen right before your eyes everyday.  In this limiting definition and belief, you are also are denying the Miracle of each moment.  Most importantly,  you are denying the Miracle of You.

Every person, place, thing, event etc is a Miracle.  Everything and everyone is synchronistically right on time.

Albert Einstein said it best:


FullSizeRender 14


Do you realize that  this moment, right here, right now has never been experienced since the beginning of time like it has now? Now in this moment and now this moment etc.  In each new moment of Now, you are brand new, there have never been 2 of the same versions of you ever in all of your existence.  You are not the same person you were 1 second ago, 1 hour ago, 1 day ago, 1 week ago, 1 month ago or 1 year ago etc. You get the idea.  This is true for everything and everyone.

Can you begin to understand how your beliefs are limiting?  If you begin to see each moment and each person for the miracle they are, and each moment in all its newness, you realize you have never been, done or experience anything the same way twice ever!

With this Law of Opposites shift in consciousness,  the above definition begins to become your truth.   Initially, to accept the definition that a Miracle is the rare event that’s very improbable robs you of knowing your Divinity and Infinity.  But with the consciousness shift, that improbability makes each moment, person, event etc the true miracle it really is and always has been.  You live a life of nonstop miracles flowing through life as a nonstop miracle. This is the Divine Paradox.   The opposite of the opposite is the truth.

Truth, Divine Paradoxes, Infinity, Thinking for Yourself (or there lack of), and Laws of the Universe are topics to be addressed in my future blogs.   How deep do you want to go? I can take you there.

Take nothing I ever say, blog, or teach as truth until you take it within yourself and experience as your own truth.

For now know this:

miracle (1)

Miracles never happen outside of you.  Nothing ever happens outside of you because here is nothing outside of you.  You are a miracle’s expression in human form of Divine Infinity.

With unconditional Love for the Miracle of You,


Do you Time Travel?

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Thoughts are very powerful things. Thoughts can take you time traveling into an alternate reality. How can this be? Isn’t this the foundation of a sci-fi thriller, movies and books? No, let’s take a closer look.

When you are focused and present in the now moment, you in your current reality when your thoughts are focused on the past or future, you are not present in the now moment. Where are you? Even though your physical body has not moved, your conscious awareness has time traveled into an alternate reality. This newreality can only be experience only by the the thinker, it exists only in thoughtVibration. You have traveled back into the past or projected out to the potential future.

The reality your are thinking of does not exist in your present moment. You are powerless in the past and the future is not yet here. When the future arrives it will be in the present moment. Since your personal power is only in the present moment, take the time to stay present. Focus here and now on creating the space that will attract to you exactly what you want.

The moment you think of the past you bring that vibration into the present creating more of the past memory here and now. The moment you think of the future you are denying yourself the opportunity to use your creative power in the present. Bring all thoughts from your imaginative travels into your present moment and create inspired action to bring them to life!

Time travel is simply your imagination unleashed for an exciting adventure. Just remember, here and now is where you are the most powerful. Stay present and unleash the creative power within You!



Here is my video with more on the topic:


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~ Denise



How Certain Are You?

Uncertainty does not exist when you know yourself from within. Nothing exists outside of your consciousness. Existence needs your consciousness. Everything outside of you in your present reality is a projection of your inner world.

Creating a new reality is not about wishing and wanting  a better life or different experiences based on what is now.  Here are some simple steps:

  1. Create the space by
  2. Know what you want in the space created
  3. Only allow in the space created (your awareness) that which matches you done deal desire
  4. Feel your space and know your heart song.
  5. Know it is a done deal.
  6. Allow inspired action to move you
  7. Only focus on the next step in the current Now moment.
  8. If no next step apparent, chill out and enjoy where you are.  Feel good.  Do not overthink.  Find something else joyous to be in the Now with.
  9. Be aware in you joy this will shorten manifetation time even when it seems like there is no movement.  There is always movement.
  10. Congrats on your manifestation!

Once you awaken, you begin to realize everything is a reflection of you for your benefit.  The old saying “It is what it is” can now be replaced by “It is what I know it is!”  Be certain there is nothing bigger than you.   Your power to have create the space to think the thought the thought is all the certainty you will ever need.

Take a peek at this supplemental video made just for you:

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If You Have to Ask…

If You Have to Ask…

Should I start a business?  Is he/she the one?  Am I living my life purpose?   You will only question people, place and things when you do not know yourself.  The outside world is mirroring the inside world.  The topic you are questioning is just you questioning that aspect of yourself.

If you have to ask, the answer is no. When you question, there is doubt in that moment.  Only doubt, creates questions.  Know yourself and you will know your world.  You and your world are not separate.  When you see separation, you will have questions.  When you see connection you have peace.

Doubt is neither good nor bad.  It just is.  So if it is present, it simply means you are not a match to that which you are asking about or to yourself.  No need to beat yourself up.   This represents that in this moment you have dropped your vibration lower than where your inner being is vibrating on the topic.

Questions are like rabbits.  They multiple quickly and can literally send you down the rabbit hole of more disconnection.  The moment you ask the first question, simply know you are not a match to this topic and step back from it.  Think about something else or go to “no thought.”   Take time to get yourself to a better feeling place.  All your answers are at that higher vibration.  Connect to the higher vibration and the question will disappear and you will simply know either what to do or how to act.

This is also called going with the flow, alignment or connection.  This is different from what you have been taught. In time, it will become your new model and life will get easier.  You know you are at a higher vibration when you no longer question your world but simple flow in alignment with your deep inner knowing of the Now Moment.

Check out my video with a deeper explanation:

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~ Denise

A Little Extra

A Little Extra 

Life is simple.  So it’s time to connect to that simplicity.   Connect to your heart.  You heart has a song that beats just for you.  This song can only be heard by you.  This song has the “little extra” that will be needed.  You can tap into this heart song and its “little extra” during any moment of NOW.  It is always accessible in the present moment.

An amazing life does not need a spectacular plan with all the steps mapped out nor does your next project.  All you need to connect to is the next step and add a “little extra” to that step.  Keep it simple yet challenge yourself.  This “little extra” cannot be thought out ahead of time.  Your heart connects  in the present moment during the action.  The “little extra” is known by how good it feels in the doing of it.

There are so many ways to add some extra.   Be truly present in this moment.   Do the extra that makes your heart sing.  Do the extra that makes you feel alive.  Connect to how you feel right now. See every moment as brand new.  See yourself brand new in every moment.

If you are living an ordinary life than you are not living, you are existing.  Never settle for ordinary. You are an extraordinary person living an extraordinary life!   Share your “little extra” with those who are yet to recognized their own “Little extra.”  Make your “little extra” contagious.

Here’s a supplemental video from to expand the idea:

Share in the comments below how you add a “little extra” to make the ordinary “EXTRAORDINARY!”

~ Denise Povernick

New Moment = New You


Every moment is new.  Each moment has never existed before. You are new in each moment.  You have never existed in this moment like you existed before.  Now in this moment and again in this moment, the newness continues.  It never ends.  There are infinite numbers of new moments and infinite numbers of new versions of you.

No two moments ever repeat since the beginning of time. There have never been the same two moments of you since the beginning of your existence.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Every second is a new start.  No need to compare yourself to an older outdated model of you.  You have never repeated anything the same way twice.  Your Ego will point out repetitive behaviors and say this email is not true.  But, you’ve never brushed your teeth the same way or cooked breakfast the same way or even read this email the same way you have in the past.

Even though the differences are small and sometimes even minute, the differences are still there.  So you cannot get it wrong this is the first time this version of you is doing that thing you do.  You are enough because each new you in each new second is the new improved version.  You do not depreciate.  Each new you increases your value.

So with this new way of experiencing, stay present in the NOW!  See each new moment as an opportunity to express you in a way you have never done before.  You are limitless. Give yourself a break and start experiencing yourself this way and watch your life become magical.

Here’s Denise’s video with further explantation:

Feel free to share below how you recreate yourself in every new moment.

~ Denise Povernick

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